Children’s summer holidays

Three weeks in the Czech Republic + one week in Nice

  • 50 hours of Czech / English / German language courses
  • Trips to historical places of Czech Republic and UNESCO monuments;
  • Excursions through the Czech Republic, Germany and France;
  • Delicious and satisfying meals;
  • Sports and activities;
  • Escorting by assistant curators

The course includes:

28 days /
2 nights
the number of days can be changed by prior arrangement;
50 hours Czech / English / German language classes
Accommoda tion in a student residence and in a coastal residence on the cote d’azur of Nice;
Two meals a day breakfast and dinner;
Excursions the first three weeks – Dresden;
last week – Nice, Cannes and Monaco;
city games, parks and outdoor activities;
Russian-speaking curator 24/7:
He lives in the same residence with the children, is responsible for them, helps with any questions and is always in contact with his parents. We will even give the children a local SIM card.

Study + rest + culture. The first three weeks we studied foreign languages, visited medieval castles, Germany and, of course, played sports, and the last week we spent in France on the French Riviera of Nice.

Such vacations are ideal for those who plan to attend long language courses and then continue their studies in the Czech Republic, as well as for those who want to have a fun, interesting and profitable summer, make new friends and get unforgettable impressions of summer Europe!

We accept students from 13 to 21 years old for vacation programs.

You can come either with a group, or on your own.

Arrival – July 1.

Short plan

July 1-19 – we study foreign languages in Prague, travel to Germany;

July 19-26 – we go to Nice, Monaco and Cannes;

July 27-28 – we return to Prague, we hold a farewell ball.


A comfortable bus takes us to Nice directly from Prague. In Nice, we live in single rooms of a cozy residence, located a ten minute walk from the beach. Every day we swim, sunbathe and walk along the promenade, play sports and have fun to the fullest. All the time students are accompanied by a group of curators, as well as a Russian-speaking guide who will conduct tours of Nice, Cannes and Monaco.

What you need to know about Association?

  • All of our teachers are native speakers;
  • Training takes place mainly in colloquial form;
  • At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate from Purkine University according to the achieved level of language.

What are we doing in Prague?

  • We visit historical excursions;
  • Prague Castle;
  • Field trip to Dresden;
  • City games, visits to Letna Park and outdoor activities;
  • Visit to the universities of Prague;
  • Aquapark;
  • Grill in the fresh air;
  • Walk along the Vltava by ship;
  • Visit to the cable park;
  • Disco and contest “Miss and Mr. Camps";
  • Farewell ball for students.

What are we doing in France?

  • We live in a student residence near the beach;
  • We swim in the sea, sunbathe, walk along the Cote d’Azur;
  • We go on excursions to Cannes and Monaco;
  • We arrange fabulous parties;
  • We play volleyball, basketball, beach soccer;
  • We organize competitions (for example, a photo);
  • Play and go through city quests;
  • We train orally foreign languages.

Do not need nothing pay extra!

Course start: July 1

Total hours of the course: 60 hours

Course Duration: 28 days / 27 nights

Hours a week: 20 hours

Program cost:

2150 euro